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Florida's Leading Memory Program

Our Memory Training includes:

Comprehensive evaluation and testing

to assess memory impairment, mental health status, and functional skills. Cognitive testing is repeated every three months to enable us to reliably measure progress and update treatment plans. We serve older adults experiencing mild to severe memory loss.

Targeted treatment plans

that focus on memory functioning, cognitive skills, and compensatory strategies that are applied for success in independent living. Our treatment addresses all psychological factors that impact the capabilities of our clients, and can slow the progression of memory loss, stabilize the decline of memory functioning, and help maintain memory capabilities. Treatment plans always include clear and measurable goals with results reported quarterly.

One-on-one individualized therapy sessions

that may include client-specific computer exercises, interactive activities based on client interests, age-appropriate games that challenge and improve skills, engaging back-and-forth interactions and communication building techniques, supportive development of real-life strategies for independence, and therapeutic interventions to address depression, anxiety or any other mental health or emotional challenge that impacts quality of life.

A client-centered approach

that includes psychotherapy, cognitive therapy, behavior management, supportive services, reminiscence, validation, group therapy, family therapy, and supportive services, that are customized to each client. Sessions take place once or twice weekly in the privacy of the client’s home or in a designated space in the community.

Highly trained, licensed clinical psychologists & social workers

are rigorously trained in our proprietary memory training program to utilize cutting edge approaches to treating memory loss and the mental health challenges of older adults.  All clinicians are licensed and insured clinical psychologists (Ph.D. or Psy.D.) and social workers (LCSW) that undergo background checks, personal interviews, and possess valuable expertise and experience in the field.

Team-oriented treatment

including collaboration with staff, family and medical professionals to ensure a comprehensive approach.  With consent from the client, our clinicians will attend care meetings, family conferences, and share quarterly testing and progress reports with the team.

Meet Our Clinicians

Highly trained in the evaluation and treatment of memory loss.

Learn About Our Community Partners

Learn about the Florida Senior Communities we are proud to serve.